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Inland Water Areas

VPF Narrative Table for "Inland Water Areas":

In coastal area, points of change from ocean/sea areas (BA040) to inland water areas (BH000) were taken from Digital Chart of the World, edition 1, July 1992 except when it was determined that the point of change was implemented too far inland. In these cases, cartographic judgment was used to establish the point of change.

Collection ID: inwatera_1m
WGS 84 Geographic Extent:
Minimum Latitude: -70.91725158691406
Minimum Longitude: -179.9994201660156
Maximum Latitude: 83.57595062255861
Maximum Longitude: 179.9999
The vector features in this collection have the following schema:
Column NameColumn Type
GEOMETRYmulti-polygon geometry
Row Identifier (id)integer (max length: 10)
FACC Feature Code (f_code)string (max length: 5)
Hydrological Category (hyc)integer (max length: 5)
Tile Reference ID (tile_id)integer (max length: 5)
Face Primitive ID (fac_id)integer (max length: 10)
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Coordinate Reference Systems
The native coordinate reference system of this collection is:
WGS 84 (http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/4326)
The following other coordinate reference systems are also available:
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