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VPF Narrative Table for "Trees":

This feature class includes all area forest/trees (EC030). Wooded areas are attributed as to predominant tree type (deciduous, evergreen, mixed or other) where possible. All features carrying the veg=999 (Other) attribute are "transitional" forests.

Collection ID: treesa_1m
WGS 84 Geographic Extent:
Minimum Latitude: 25.28127098083496
Minimum Longitude: -139.9975738525391
Maximum Latitude: 66.71876525878906
Maximum Longitude: -52.66172027587891
The vector features in this collection have the following schema:
Column NameColumn Type
GEOMETRYpolygon geometry
Row Identifier (id)integer (max length: 10)
FACC Feature Code (f_code)string (max length: 5)
Density Measure (% Tree/Canopy Cover) (dmt)integer (max length: 5)
Existence Category (exs)integer (max length: 5)
Name (nam)string
Predominant Height (meters) (pht)integer (max length: 5)
Vegetation Characteristics (veg)integer (max length: 5)
Tile Reference ID (tile_id)integer (max length: 5)
Face Primitive ID (fac_id)integer (max length: 10)
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Coordinate Reference Systems
The native coordinate reference system of this collection is:
WGS 84 (http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/4326)
The following other coordinate reference systems are also available:
The following resources are available for this collection: