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MapAnnotations - Styles
The following styles are available in this data store:
10 Degree (styleId: 10 degree)
5 Degree (styleId: 5 degree)
2 Degree (styleId: 2 degree)
1 Degree (styleId: 1 degree)
0.2 Degree (styleId: 0.2 degree)
Red Wire (styleId: red wire)
Green Wire (styleId: green wire)
Blue Wire (styleId: blue wire)
Yellow Wire (styleId: yellow wire)
Magenta Wire (styleId: magenta wire)
Cyan Wire (styleId: cyan wire)
Black Wire (styleId: black wire)
White Wire (styleId: white wire)
Blank (styleId: blank)
The definition of this set of styles is available in SLD 1.1 and SLD 1.0.